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Commercial Services
  1. Foreclosures
    Did you recently purchase a foreclosure, site unseen? Its a complete mess, from the front yard, side of house, back yard and the inside looks as if it imploded in on itself. While you are at the site. Give Ladyy Hauler a call to come out an give you a FREE estimate that's reasonable for this Platinum Property Haul. If you want a Platinum Clean after the PH, discounts can be applied for Maid Services. One Stop Shopping
  2. Eviction/Abandonment
    Did you have to serve a tenant with an eviction notice or did they break lease and flee in the middle of the night? No worries! Sad to say, we are use to seeing this very thing. We have the quick responsiveness to slash your unit turn over rate by half. Haul, Repair, Clean in record time. Allowing you to get it back on the market just in time for peak season. One stop shopping.
  3. Appliances/SCRAP
    We offer FREE PICK UPS for these items whether they are working or not. Ladyy Hauler is an ECO-FRIENDLY company. Take advantage of this FREE service!!!
  4. Recyclables/E-Waste
    We take all things that can be reused. From old computer/laptops, power cords, chargers, broken power tools, TV's, vacuums and more. If you aren't sure what recyclables we take, just give us a call.
  5. Construction Debris Removal
    If you recently had some remodeling done and everything is a mess, give us a call and we will remove all items and broom sweep back to perfection. Are you an Independent Contractor that just finished a job behind schedule and really don't have the time to haul off and clean up. Ladyy Hauler has all the time you don't have to complete the rest of this job. Remember we are here to assist you. So what are you waiting for? CALL NOW!!!
  6. Janitorial Services
    Are you shopping for a new Janitorial Service? We are here to service your needs. Whether daily, weekly or monthly, we will customize a Healthy care plan for your office.